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In 2022, after the owners of Inspiration Mixes approached me about purchasing their company, I saw an opportunity to embark on a new venture, fueled by the skills I had acquired during my six-plus years in the bakery and business world. With a heavy heart, I made the decision to close down Sugar Mama's, the business I had poured my heart into, and took over the reins of Inspiration Baking Mixes. Little did I know that the invaluable lessons learned during my formative years in the kitchen, under the guidance of my mom, would serve as the bedrock for a fulfilling and prosperous career.

I am thrilled and filled with excitement to continue offering nutritious and delicious gluten-free mixes. Now, after two years of Caleb being gluten-free and dairy-free, I am even more motivated to ensure that others can experience the same positive impact on their well-being. Keeping this mission alive is a source of immense pride, and I am dedicated to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions, can indulge in exceptional flavors and enjoy the simple pleasure of a delightful treat.


Then, in 2020, my husband’s naturopath suggested that his lifelong symptoms could be attributed to a gluten and dairy allergy, urging him to eliminate these elements from his diet. Determined to find the best gluten-free and vegan products available to accommodate his dietary needs, I embarked on a mission. The search for high-quality options that actually tasted good was a challenge, but I persevered.

It was during this search that I stumbled upon Inspiration Mixes, a local company offering exceptional gluten-free and vegan products. Inspired by their quality and taste, I summoned the courage to pivot my bakery entirely, and took the bold step of becoming a commercial partner  with them. This allowed me to transform Sugar Mama's into a fully gluten-free and vegan establishment, revolutionizing the way locals indulged in delicious allergen-free desserts. The response was beyond my expectations—sales tripled, and my treats became a source of joy for individuals who had previously been unable to indulge in such delights.


In 2013, when I became a stay-at-home mom, I embraced the opportunity to create a nurturing environment for my family, just as my mom had done for me when I was young. I vividly remembered the countless hours spent baking alongside my mom, learning valuable skills and witnessing her strong work ethics. Eager to contribute to our household income, I drew upon those cherished memories and baking experiences to start my own journey. Transforming my kitchen into a bustling makeshift bakery, I carefully baked and sold delicious treats to family and friends, fueled by the same passion and dedication instilled in me by my mom. With each order fulfilled, I not only honed my skills but also nurtured a deep desire to take my baking endeavors to the next level.

In 2016, I made the pivotal decision to turn my passion into a full-fledged business. I founded Sugar Mama's Gourmet Desserts, a small but thriving bakery that quickly gained recognition for its delectable treats. Despite not having any formal training or background in baking or business, my determination and entrepreneurial spirit propelled me forward.



SHAPING, our brands history

2020 - Current

MEET, our founders

A grandmother’s love will always be at the heart of Inspiration Mixes. Company Founder, Debbie, has a grandson, Sean. Doctors diagnosed Sean with autism at 18 months. And, shortly after, Sean was found to be gluten-intolerant. Determined that no child should have to eat gritty, poor-tasting food, Grandmother Debbie and Great Aunt Cathy committed themselves to providing Sean with good food alternatives. Back in 2006 and 2007, what they came up with in their kitchens was nutritious and gluten-free, and filled with the taste and texture of traditional foods. Sean loved the foods they made for him. He began to prosper. The loving sisters’ formulas and recipes serve as the foundation for Inspiration Baking Mixes today.

In fact, Inspiration Baking Mixes began from a simple conversation between Debbie and her sister, Cathy. They were taking a well-deserved vacation from their busy lives in Oregon. Debbie was relating the difficulties of finding adequate food to feed Sean when he came to visit. Cathy, the perpetual optimist, didn’t believe they were having such a hard time finding foods that a 2-year-old would eat. So Cathy said, “Look, if gluten-free food that tastes good is so scarce, then why don’t we make our own?” And that’s just what they did.

Co-Founders: Debbie Caterson and Cathy Erickson


BAKER, BOSS, business woman

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