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Inspiration Bakery and Mixes
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 by Jamie

Cara and Inspiration Mixes are phenomenal! I absolutely love their chocolate cake mix and their baking mix. She is so knowledgeable, quick to respond, and such a pleasure to work with (whether its questions or guidance), she is there to help you be successful in your baking endeavors, and I love knowing their products are made with the highest quality ingredients. I would highly recommend trying their products, you’ll be happy you did.

 by Delia Vickers

I love the cupcakes! Typically, I'm not a huge fan of gluten free food, but thew mixed taste wondrous!

 by Erin

I’ve been gluten free for 15 years and it is not easy to find quality baking mixes. I found Inspirations at the farmers market in Roseburg when they were just starting out and have been hooked ever since. The cake mix is so light and fluffy, not super dense and flat like some gf mixes. It never fails me like blending my own flours can. I was taught by the previous owner how to make cinnamon rolls with one of the mixes and they’re also fluffy and light. They can be made vegan or not and are just so wonderful. Even the pizza crust is delicious, holds together well, and makes a large sized crust. Highly recommend anyone who needs gluten free products to give these a try!

 by Sue Havicus

These are my Granddaughter's favorite. I make them larger and we have them as our main entree for dinner. I've also made them with salmon. Both are easy to make and delicious.

 by Sue Havicus

These two dishes made an easy and tasty meal. The rolls are very flaky and soft. The chicken dish is easy to make and was good the next day. Both made an really nice focus of our meal.

Using the baking mix speeds up the preparation time and you don't lose any of the flavor or flakiness.

 by Karen Godbey

If you haven't tried Inspiration Bakery Gluten Free Baking mix, you are missing out. It is by far my FAVORITE tasting Gluten Free Bread. The mix includes easy to understand instructions, and it yields terrific results! The folks at Inspiration Bakery Mix are hands on and respond to your questions and concerns. They have assisted me with my question about the amount of an ingredient, and even double checked with the creator of the recipe to make sure! I prefer this gluten free bread over all others, and have found that the bulk size makes it easy to have GF bread on hand any time, and its cheaper this way too. My expectations have always been met and exceeded with InspirationBakery Mixes.

 by Cindy Squires

I’m not even gluten intolerant but I love this chocolate cake. It’s absolutely the best cake I have ever eaten. Totally worth every penny you pay for it.

 by Julie Butler

All your things that I have bought for myself and others everyone has enjoyed them! Delicious ♥️

 by Frank

How has nobody rated this before me? I tried this and didn’t have high expectations and I was more than surprised at how yummy my onion rings were. Everyone in the family loved them and I’m the only one that has to eat gluten free. The only problem is they ate most of them, so I didn’t get many. Must order more and in bulk.

Frank,Thanks for those kind words and your recent order! We really love our Crispy Batter Mix, too, particularly for its’ good taste and ease of use in a frypan, oven, or air fryer:)The Inspiration Bakery and Mixes Crew

 by Sue Havicus

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac in 2000, there were very few options for GF mixes. When I found out about Inspiration Mixes, I was delighted. I've tried all of the mixes available and have found them to be easy to use and delicious. Learning that each recipe is thoroughly tested and that all the ingredients are researched to be GF, made my diet choices easy. Inspiration Mixes always has something new to try and is constantly striving for wholesome, delicious foods.

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