What Are “Brookies”?

Brookies (Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars) Combining brownies and chocolate chip cookies will sure win hearts! Baker#2 with Inspiration Mixes did a “staycation” in March 2020 where she figured out how to make gluten-free “Brookies” from our Alanah’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and Delicious Cake and Brownie Mix. The scent of brownies AND cookies […]

Want to Live Gluten-Free? It’s More Than Just a Gluten-Free Diet!

Here’s to Inspired Gluten-Free Living! Thanks for checking in with us here at Inspiration Bakery and Mixes! We are a woman- and veteran-owned business. We find inspiration in feeding people nutritious, tasty foods that contribute to people’s health and life quality. Almost 50 years! That’s how many years, added together, we three partners have been […]


Some Challenges of Gluten-Free Living

We suggest that you think of Gluten-Free Living as more than just healthy food choices. It’s also about finding ways to: Keep people with celiac disease and strong gluten allergies safe; and keep those with gluten intolerances free from common gut symptoms like belly bloating, constipation, and diarrhea, and from body-wide joint pain, swelling, and […]