About us

It all began with a simple conversation and a grandmother’s love.  Debbie and her sister Cathy were taking a well-deserved vacation from their busy lives in Oregon, and Debbie was relating the difficulties of finding adequate food to feed her gluten-intolerant grandson when he came to visit.  Cathy, the perpetual optimist, couldn’t believe it could be that difficult to find nutritious foods that a 2-year-old would eat.  She said, “Look, if it’s that hard to find gluten-free food that tastes good, then why don’t we just make our own?”  So, that’s just what they did.

A grandson’s need…at 18 months, Sean was diagnosed with autism and, shortly thereafter, found to be gluten-intolerant.  Determined that Sean shouldn’t have to eat gritty, poor-tasting food…most of which he would not eat…the two sisters became committed to providing an alternative.  The recipes they developed their kitchens proved to be both nutritious and gluten-free but with the taste and texture of traditional foods.  Today, Sean is a well-adjusted young man and author of two children’s books, his growth and development helped along the way by the two sisters’ excellent recipes.

The recipes they developed for Sean became the Inspiration Mixes products you can buy here today.

Tested to ensure gluten-freeInspiration Mixes products give you the answer to, “How can I serve my gluten-intolerant child…my family or friends…foods that taste good and satisfy?” Inspiration Mixes are easy to prepare and don’t have the gritty textures, chewy toughness, and chemical after-tastes you may experience with some other gluten-free products.  And because many people who are gluten-intolerant also have other dietary limitations, most of our mixes can be adapted to a vegan or dairy-free diet.  This means you can also give up eggs and dairy without giving up on taste.  Similarly, our baked goods, such as our frozen pizza crusts and flatbreads, are also fully gluten-free, non-GMO, tasty, and satisfying.